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Moo’s Baa’s & Oink’s

We will be open during level 3 and continuing our level 4 delivery's which is $5 charge and we will also be doing order and collect at the front door.

Orders can be made between 9am and 2pm and depending how we get on should be delivery same day and pick up same day.

Pick ups. As soon as order is completed and order has been paid for then it can be collected. Orders can be made through the fb page through private message or can ring the shop phone number.

A list of what's available will go up on the facebook page every morning and will change from day to day so please keep an eye out and order off the actual day it is.

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Moos Baas & Oinks, 8-10, Main Street, Putaruru, South Waikato District, Waikato, 3411, New Zealand
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